Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pre-Printed Handmade Invitations

About a month ago we recently purchased an invitation program great for designing pre-printed invitations. I have been busy working away trying to get my head around how to use this fabulous new program and I have managed to create a range of pre-printed/handmade invitations to sell in the store. We do only have a small range of invitations at the moment but this will expand in time.
These invitations are C6 size and come in a set of 10 with 10x invitations,
10x white envelopes and 10 magnets.
Have a look at just some of the designs below!

Baby Shower Invitation #1 Green

Baby Shower Invitation #1 Blue


Baby Shower Invitation # Pink
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Apricot
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Blue
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Pink
Birthday Invitation Boy #1
Birthday Invitation Girl #2
If you have any designs you think we show make up please email us at collinsinvitations@eftel.net.au
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have some more designs to show you.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

White Printing is Now Available

A couple of weeks ago my printer decided it had enough and thought it would start printing random dots onto work I was printing out, Not good when your printing work out for clients. So off I went in search of a new printer, I had a few requirements I needed look for in a printer
1. It had to print on card approximately 250gsm.
2. Had to be a coloured printer.
3. Had to accept all types of paper media, vellum, card, paper, labels etc.

After weeks of searching through every company that makes printers I finally found a printer that had my requirements, PLUS more. I had decided on the OKI C711WT Printer, this printer met all my requirement plus it prints in white... YES your read correctly a printer that prints white images onto dark coloured paper & card. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we have been constantly asked by many brides if we print in white, before this printer was available we had to print in full colour onto white card to get white print (this way tends to waste a lot of colour in your cartridges). While researching this printer I received an email from a supplier we deal with, she had posted a review on her blog about an OKI C711WT White Toner Printer (The exact same printer we were looking at) (I think someone was trying to tell us we had to get this printer). We went out to see our supplier and she was grateful enough to show us a demo on the printer... And WOW we were impressed, the only thing we were happy about is the black wasn't a true black it was more of a dark brown( This printer doesn't come with a black cartridge, black is made out of Cyan, Magenta & Yellow, which was fine we purchased another OKI printer which prints black as well as coloured), we didn't have to discuss it any further we decided to bite to bullet and get it, we wanted to broaden our Invitation Stationery Service and this was the first step to do that.
So here were are ready to start printing with White Toner, I have included a few samples below using the new printer (The images are a bit hard to see due to the lighting in our store)
This service will be available as of this weekend (5th April 2014) To find out more about printing in White please email me- Melita on collinsinvitations@eftel.net.au
We have a few more exciting additions to our Invitation section in the next coming weeks, so keep checking back to our blog for more new!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Save the Date Invitations

Here are a few samples of Save the Date Cards we designed this year.